Sunday, May 11, 2008

Obama Ties Clinton in Superdelegates - Because of YDA

CNN ( is reporting that Senator Obama today has officially tied Senator Clinton in the superdelegates column. But not just any superdelegate came out in support of the likely nominee; it was the Young Democrats of America's own Crystal Strait. As we reported a few months ago, Crystal, National Commitee Woman for YDA, was rumored to be leaning Hillary despite the overwhelming majority of young people in support of Obama. But as of today, Ms. Strait has pledged her vote to Sen. Obama and stated "listening to how young people voted and caucused around the country, I know this was the right decision."

She also goes on to state that she feels supporting Obama will cause those millions of young voters who have cast ballots in the last two general elections to remain involved and come out again this November for their third election in a row. And according to Democratic party research, and a theme consistently stated by YDA, if a young person votes for a particular party in three consecutive elections, they become a party voter for good. Dems for life, or so we hope. What is interesting, and rather powerful, about this statement is that she is implying that not only does she see Obama as the best candidate for President, but she also sees him as having the means to strengthen the Democratic party and its base. A view not always shared (for either candidate) by party players.

I for one am very glad that Crystal is following the voice of her constituents and those that elected her - the members of YDA. I truly hope that YDA's remaining two superdelegates will also make the same decision and pledge their support to the candidate that young people all over the nation have come out to support in mass.

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